Putting Your Best Face Forward Is No Joke | Wedding Makeup

As a women you know that getting up in the morning and getting to work on time without spilling coffee on your favorite blouse is  hard enough, let alone putting on makeup and doing your hair. Makeup artists and Hairstylists have always to me been like magicians their talents elude me partly because I can barely curl my own hair on the daily. Now take that feeling an magnify it by 110% and that is the feelings you have about Wedding Makeup on your Wedding day.

So I have to brag on this talented lady right here. Not only is she a Wife, a Mother of Three, and a Small Business Owner, but she also is a bad$%# Makeup Artist and Hair taming magician. Her own makeup is always on point and she is so put together! Side note I think she just might hold a world record for how quickly she can put on a pair of false lashes.


Her personal keyed phrase after all is “Lashes are Life“.

Her work has been featured at Arizona Fashion Week, AC Hotel Marriott Downtown Tucson, and Voyage Phoenix just to name a few.

The best thing is she loves to pack up her makeup brushes and curling irons and hit the road! Be sure to contact her for your wedding day makeup! 

Take this from a DIY lover and true penny pincher you don’t want to skip on this part of your budget. Have you heard of makeup flashback? Well it is a real thing and looks something like this ———->

A Big thank you to Naye for intentionally creating this “FlashBack” for us!

P.S There is only so much I can do to fix Makeup Flashback and even then you will not get true creamy skin tones. So the best thing to do is just prevent it from happening.

Here are two tips to AVOID “Makeup Flashback” when doing your own makeup.

1.) Avoid Foundations with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide. These ingredients are in most SPF foundations, and are great for reflecting of UV Rays during the daytime but they also reflect flash at night. To transition from day to night you can apply some colored powder overtop to counteract the flashback.

2.) Avoid 100% Silica Powder. A little goes a long way here and when applied incorrectly you risk the chances of it reflecting the flash.

  1. Lindsey says:

    I just learned SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable info. I know literally zero about makeup so this was incredibly helpful!

  2. Kara says:

    As someone who wears makeup only on date nights with my husband, these tips are soooo good and definitely worth passing along to brides!

    • audrey Cullip says:

      If only one bride finds it helpful than I have done my job ❤️ And you will be looming date night ready flash and all!

  3. Heather says:

    Wow! Thank you for the awesome tip! Love your site! 🙂

  4. Jackleen says:

    Thanks for putting this post together! I literally know nothing about applying foundation and usually skip it myself so it’s fantastic to have a post to reference!

  5. maddie made says:

    As someone who doesn’t wear makeup all that often, I SUPER appreciate this blog post. Love these helpful photo-makeup tips you included!

  6. Super helpfull! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sara Ozim says:

    What an informative blog post on best tips for making sure that wedding makeup is an absolute success for future brides!

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