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I cant believe it has been over a year and 6 months since this romantic surprise proposal session. There is nothing wrong with long engagements especially when they are as epic as this one was! I am so excited for their farm wedding in June!

Now guys if you are wanting to do a surprise proposal than you must be a hopeless romantic and she is bound to say yes! But I am sure you are nervous and have tons of questions. So I wanted to give you some tips to help you pull off this epic surprise engagement!

  • Have someone else suggest a photo session. Get help from her friends and family to plan the idea of needing photos of the two of you.
  • Schedule it for a big event: Like fall pictures, her birthday or your anniversary. Whatever you do you don’t want it to be out of the blue, because that will raise some questions.
  • Don’t Stress when you hire a professional Photographer either myself or someone else, they will have pro tips to help guide you through the backend details and coordinate the whole session start to finish.
  • Let your personality shine through. You will want to put your own personal touches on it to make it really meaningful!
Tori & Dillon’s Surprise Proposal Story:
“Tori asked me back in the summer of 2017 to do couple photos in the fall because her and Dillion never had pictures done together. We picked out a day and put it on the books. With school and work she didn’t think about it again until a few weeks before the shoot date. 
Little did she know that Dillion reached out to me just a few days after she did and wanted to turn the couples fall shoot into a surprise engagement! I was more than happy to help make this marvelous idea come to life. A week before the date we did a dry run of how the proposal would go. We picked out the perfect spot on the farm and a good key word so we could video the moment. It went flawlessly and Tori had no idea that everyone was planning something amazing for her.”
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