Melanie and Dustin’s Engagement Session

This sweet couple got engaged back in December, and were excited to book their engagement session. But Melanie reached out to me a week before her session saying something unexpected come up. And she just wasn’t sure if they should still do their engagement session, but I knew above all else we had to do something special.

So we weighed the options and decided to go ahead with the engagement session. However, we where just going to add in a surprise baby announcement! So you tell me whats not to love about that?

“We’re getting married. But most importantly we’re going to be parents!”

After dancing on the dirt road to their song “Tie Me Down” Dustin came to an important conclusion. He concluded that they may need to take a two-stepping lessons or two before their wedding. Dancing lessons or not sparks will  defiantly be flying on that dance floor on their wedding day. With the love these two have for each other their is no question that they will be amazing parents!

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