New River Valley Fairgrounds Horse Show

Yesterday was defiantly a fun local horse event and my nephews 7th birthday, holy cow thats hard to believe. It’s even harder to believe that this multi day show has been hosted by the New River Valley Fairgrounds for over 57 years!  It will be turning 75 in no time at all! I know I will be happy to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee along with The New River Valley Fairgrounds!

Even with this exciting local horse event happening I wont lie I was lost in the clouds and daydreaming of Bishop Mule Days opening weekend. But as I watched all of the local horsemen and women compete and as I ate birthday cake with my family, I had what felt like an epiphany.

I sometimes feel like I have to explain and justify myself in my art, in my work, and in my love of mules, like “It will be worth all the effort I’m putting in” or “Someone else will be deeply inspired to create their own magic and change the world” or “If you thought you loved a horse just wait until you love a mule”.

Do you ever feel like that as an equestrian athletes?

We all have big dreams like for you it might be winning the American or for me it is having my work hang at the MoMA or a long list of others. But the sad reality is that for most of us like 95% of us, those dreams are ones we will be chasing for a lifetime. Like for me the closest I will probably ever get is having my work hang at local galleries like Radford University Art Museums for their regional artist show. And to be honest I am 100% content and happy with that. If you want to see something fun and different go check it out, it will be running until June 21st. With that being said lets get back to that epiphany moment I was telling you about.

So even though your big dreams might never come true, you owe it to yourself to win big in a small way. In you everyday, in your small towns, and in the car alone singing your favorite song. There was one mom that came up to me at the show and her excitement and hopefulness was so inspiring and a reminder of why I love what I do. Y’all out there are my people! You are my community, and I will keep showing up.

Why? Because you are worth it! We sometimes forget that all we have to do to really change the world is to just show up and met the world right at the front door. I personally will testify sometimes that is easier said than done, because the clouds in the coffee are real. A big shout out to Stephanie Bain for being a women who showing up for her community in such a big way, we know it aint easy to put on one of these things, but your community deeply appreciates your efforts.

Ok so here is why you guys really came here. To see your runs! And yes I stayed until 2:30 to get the Poles, your welcome!

CLICK HERE New River Valley Fairgrounds Horse Show 2019

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