Tori + Dillon’s Farm Wedding

If you have been to this blog before you might have seen these two before, When Dillon pulled off an epic surprise proposal. If not here is the link, it is defiantly worth checking out, wither you like surprise proposals or cows.

Farm weddings speak to my soul, I don’t know if it is the fact that more than one generation have poured love and blood, and sweet, and tears into the same piece of land, or if it is all the family stopping and working on nothing else but making the wedding day beautiful and perfect. Like the moment Tori’s dad took his phone off of his belt and set it on the table and said he didn’t need it. Now if you have ever meet a dairy farmer or any farmer than you know just how big of a deal that was. I wont even lie it made me tear up because it was just such a real moment, and promise that he was going to be nothing but present for his baby girls wedding day.

And those kind of moments kept coming! From the look on Toris moms face when she helped her with her wedding dress, to the permanent smile painted on Dillons face that somehow got bigger when he looked at Tori. I also cant forget to mention the other best part about a farm wedding, is the party! I think that phrase party til the cows come home must have been born at a farm wedding, because I have been to many it literately is real life every single time.

But I will let y’all have the final say and tell me if you feel the same way.

  1. Simone Anne says:

    What a sweet little farm wedding! So many beautiful photos and what a cute couple!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful farm wedding! I also LOVE her dress – it’s so gorgeous!!! Great job!

  3. Stephanie Betsill says:

    The family history behind a farm is amazing!! It’ll make the heirloom of these images so much more special to all the future generations.

  4. Meg O'Neill says:

    This farm wedding looks like it was really fun! Nice images!

  5. Aneisa says:

    Such a gorgeous wedding!! You captured it perfectly!

  6. Mollie says:

    Oh my goodness this looks like such an amazing day! I love the tones and how you documented their emotion so well!

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