Welcome Darcie Claire

This year has been a “BIG” year for Audrey Cullip Photography, so big that over the last few months I have been working hard on expanding things here for you guys! And I love business just as much as I love sappy Romance Movies. I am one of those crazy people who dumps tons of time into research to make sure everything runs smoothly and effectively.

Y’all might not know this but I hate telling People “No”, and it absolutely drives me nuts to turn people away because I am already booked. Not to mention turning away people who are your ideal client is like the opposite of good business 101. And to be honest I ran into that a few times over the last year. So in classic me fashion, I started working on a solution to that problem. And the answer was staring me right in the face.

If you personally know me than you also know Darcie Claire. Either because she is family. Or you met her at my wedding when she bravely took on shooting the three day event.

So with a contract in hand too good to say no too I asked Darcie to meet me for lunch. I would never just ask anyone to be part of my team and work with me side by side. But Darcie is truly a perfect fit! And will be a great asset to the team as an Associate Photographer for the Laidback kind of Brides.

So in the next year you will see Darcie Claires name here on the Blog and you will be seeing her Face from time to time on Instagram. We are both so excited and so ready to bring y’all more Laidback Weddings! If you are on a mission to have a Laidback stress free Wedding Day than the girls at Audrey Cullip Photography are the Photographers you have been looking for.

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