Katie + Blake Engagement Photos

With the start of a new school year there is always tons of excitement and emotions and bus rides. The local schools around here started classes this week and I have been seeing yellow school busses driving up and down the road. Growing up I remember we had a particularly long bus ride and I always tried to do homework or take a nap. But little did they know, for Katie and Blake those grade school bus rides where the beginning of something pure magical and more important than naps or homework.

Katie and Blake may have rode the school bus together but she sat in the back and he sat in the front. She became friends with his sister and he was more interested in daydreaming of things little boys daydream of.

The years went by and time changed and a facebook message or two later, they where reconnected and just like that those childhood daydreams became a reality.

Blank Slate’s Bus #23 was created from this love story. I know I know I may have went overboard but this sweet love story really pulled on my heartstrings. Any these two are so excited to spend a few nights camping in it!

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