No Isn’t Failure

A few months back my sister in-law and I where talking about raising kids and life in general, and the topic of “No” came up.

Sometimes as a parent it’s hard to say “No” but you do it anyway. And you do it over and over again. You do it to keep your children safe, you do it to discipline them, you do it to show them another way i.e “no, do it like this”.

“No” isn’t always rejection, “No” isn’t always a bad thing, and “No” never, and I mean never equals failure.

Failure only comes after you hear “No”, and Failure is always and only ever a choice.

If you are at all like me or most of the other humans living on this earth you have been told “No” a time or too. I personally have heard in more times than I can count. And all of those “No’s” that I have heard along the way have brought some of the best things in my life. Some of the most successful and rewarding chapters of my trek through life have started with a “No”.

Should we really be surprised by this? I don’t think so.

It’s kind of like that old saying “When God shuts one door, He Opens another.”

So this week, heck this month lets grit our teeth, keep walking, and not take “No” for an answer, because Did we even ask a question?

In fact some of the most successful people in history quote in quote failed. They straight up where rejected and told by the majority they where not good enough. But they kept at it even after they heard “No”.

How do you faces the “No’s” in your life? I hope you face them as a worthy and important challenge, that strengthen you as you travel the road to where you are really going.

The wheels of life keep turning. A No Isn't Failure, its just redirection to something better.
No Isn’t Failure

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