a fun-loving, goofy hopeless romantic, who just so happens to love Mexican food Mules and Historic Buildings


MuleSkinner • Self Proclaimed lover of Rusty Things •
Fierce Defender of Family  

My Mule Scotch and I at Benson Mule Days

Me way back when, overjoyed to be marrying the love of my life. 

It has never been a secret that I have always loved things that where unlovable or a little different.

Like long eared mules, old rusty trucks, and abandoned buildings with rich histories. 

I can thank my Dad mostly for raising me like the son he never had and teaching me to work with what I have and love deeply. 

Growing up in the great  American West where dirt and honesty and Authentic Mexican food are easy to come by, I was the daughter of a blacksmith and wheelwright. We raised and trained mules to pull wagons.

I like to tell honest story's through pictures and help you capture those special moments just as you remember them. 

Life isn't perfect. There is no reason to try and make people think that it is.

Real Photos Tell Real Stories. Let's Tell Yours!