No Isn’t Failure

Motherhood Is Messy

November 6, 2019

No Isn’t Failure

With the start of a new school year there is always tons of excitement and emotions and bus rides. The local schools around here started classes this week and I have been seeing yellow school busses driving up and down the road. Growing up I remember we had a particularly long bus ride and I […]


August 13, 2019

Katie + Blake Engagement Photos

This year has been a “BIG” year for Audrey Cullip Photography, so big that over the last few months I have been working hard on expanding things here for you guys! And I love business just as much as I love sappy Romance Movies. I am one of those crazy people who dumps tons of […]


August 7, 2019

Welcome Darcie Claire

Laidback Weddings

If you have been to this blog before you might have seen these two before, When Dillon pulled off an epic surprise proposal. If not here is the link, it is defiantly worth checking out, wither you like surprise proposals or cows. Farm weddings speak to my soul, I don’t know if it is the […]

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July 11, 2019

Tori + Dillon’s Farm Wedding

Yesterday was defiantly a fun local horse event and my nephews 7th birthday, holy cow thats hard to believe. It’s even harder to believe that this multi day show has been hosted by the New River Valley Fairgrounds for over 57 years!  It will be turning 75 in no time at all! I know I […]

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May 25, 2019

New River Valley Fairgrounds Horse Show

This is for all you new mommies! As a new mommies myself I can say that this first year has been a whirlwind, has gone by way too fast, and I was way too hard on myself in the first few months. There has been a lot of lessons learned along the way and I […]

Motherhood Is Messy

April 30, 2019

New Mommies | Motherhood Is Messy

As promised this old mill is off the charts when it comes to forgotten old historic treasures. This gristmill was built in 1890 and is five stories of pure Virginia history. It is rightfully on the national register of historic places. Ok Ok now to why we are really here an epic flower beard! No […]


April 24, 2019

Maria & Jesse

Easter is such a special time, there is so much love and celebrating in our hearts for the Lord. So I felt Easter Sunday would beĀ  an appropriate time to sit down and write this post, that is also full of love and celebration. So as my husband and son are napping from the whirlwind […]

Motherhood Is Messy

April 21, 2019

Beckys Motherhood is Messy | Gambie

In todays world just going to college full time and working full time is a challenge. But try adding being a college student parent to that mix. Only the bravest souls would survive that combination of stress, hard work and sleepless nights. When I set up this session with Victoria I didn’t know her story […]

Motherhood Is Messy

April 17, 2019

Victoria’s Motherhood is Messy Moment | College Student Parent

College Student Parent

I couldn’t think of a more deserving woman to do a session with than this Mama right here. She is a Virginia sheep farmer that lambs out over 400 ewes twice a year, she feeds dozens of bottle lambs, she barrel races on a pro level, she is the mother of two wonderful farm kids […]

Motherhood Is Messy

April 13, 2019

April’s Motherhood Is Messy Moment | Virginia Sheep Farmer

virginia sheep farmer april cullip